An idea that turned into a company


Everdrone is founded by Maciek Drejak, known for improving sleep for millions of people all over the world through Sleep Cycle, and help people straighten out their time with Life Cycle.

Like all things great, the idea to provide a bleeding edge product for the drone market sprung from a personal interest. Maciek was increasingly frustrated about the low reliability of drones. They weren’t safe for anything else than leisure activities. He decided to build one himself and write his own software, just to see if it could be done better. Turns out, it could.

The company Everdrone was founded in April of 2017. The core development focusses on technology that allows autonomous drones to take off, navigate and land – safely and reliably by use of vision technology. The technology also includes obstacle avoidance systems, ensuring that drones avoid collisions at all times when navigating in urban areas.

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