Closing the year by celebrating 10.000 autonomous flights!


From the bitter coldness of the Nordic winter to the dust and heat of the Malawian countryside. Today we celebrate completing 10.000 autonomous flights!

In the world of software development, no simulations can truly replace the value of real life testing. Especially when your target machine is hoovering in mid-air affected by turbulence, wind, power spikes, worn out bearings and all sorts of other irregularities.

That’s why we constantly verify our visual navigation software on real flying machines, both outdoors, under realistic weather conditions, and indoors at our test facility. Doing so allow us to tweak the algorithms, polish the PIDs and smoke out even the most obscure bugs.

Depending on the code currently tested, we perform between 100 and 1.000 flights each day. Flights range from 30 second calibration cycles to long distance flights on high altitude.  

To us, hitting the 10.000-mark is the perfect way to close 2017!