Just another day developing world class software


Another week of coding has passed and to celebrate the upcoming weekend we want to share some unpolished demos.

First, we have a short clip demonstrating our obstacle avoidance technology. Without any manual input the drone is automatically avoiding fixed and moving objects from all directions based on advanced real-time depth sensing. The drone used in this test is a DJI S900 enhanced with advanced IR cameras. As you see, the drone is moving away sideways from any person approaching it. It also stays clear of the walls. Someone said that it looks like Maciek is controlling the drone manually but we assure he’s just holding on to the RC controller as a safety precaution. Everdrone does not share fake news!

If you’re working with drones yourself you might notice the movements are still a bit wobbly but this is obviously something we are working on. By the time we are finished our CTO guarantees that it will be robust and dependable like a flying Rolls-Royce. The movements will also be quicker and more responsive as we continuously refine our algorithms.


Second, we want to share a clip illustrating the input data we use to make the obstacle avoidance feature possible. The film below visualises how the surrounding environment is perceived by the drone. The visualisation resembles a heat map but the colours in this case illustrate distance to surrounding objects, not heat. This type of depth data is fundamental for developing autonomous and safe features for our drones such as obstacle avoidance and precise landing. (However, note that the drone in this demo is manually controlled.)


So this is some of the technical development we are currently working on, stuff that is being improved and refined every day and every hour – for now we just wanted to share an insight from our day-to-day work at the development facility outside Gothenburg.