Everdrone tests technology for safer drones in cooperation with Globhe and UNICEF


The Gothenburg-based company Everdrone, which develops software for civilian drones, will in the coming week (w 41) conduct tests and demonstrations of new drone technology in Malawi, Africa. The technology that will be demonstrated relates to systems for active collision avoidance at low heights and manoeuvering in environments with poor or no GPS coverage.

The drone industry is developing at breakneck speed. The areas of application for flying vehicles seem almost infinite. Drones are used for such diverse purposes as planting trees, inspecting wind turbines and taking spectacular selfies.

A new player in the industry is the Gothenburg-based company Everdrone, that develops software focussing on navigation and safety. In cooperation with Globhe the company has been offered the opportunity to demonstrate its technology under realistic conditions in Malawi, Africa, where UNICEF has been operating testing activities in so-called drone corridors for some time

“To a great degree, all our technology aims to create safer airspace where drones and other flying vehicles can be combined without risk of accidents”, says Mats Sällström, CEO of Everdrone. “Since our main focus is on applications within healthcare, rescue and humanitarian efforts, we are very pleased to be able to showcase our technology for actors like UNICEF. In addition, we do this in an area where we see that drones can carry out a number of important tasks, such as transporting blood samples and medicine between the hospital and local clinics.”

The demonstration that Everdrone will perform in Malawi involves delivery of medical equipment where the start and landing occurs autonomously and completely independent of GPS reception. This scenario will be common in the future, as drones will be working in urban environments where one can rarely expect satisfactory GPS reception at low altitudes between buildings. Instead of GPS, Everdrone’s system use IR sensors for distance assessment and RGB cameras for optical guiding (so-called optical flow).

More information about UNICEF’s work in Malawi: https://www.unicef.org/media/media_96560.html

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