What we do


Everdrone creates a safer airspace through development of world class software and vision technology for autonomous drones. We’re not taking this lightly and for that purpose, we’ve designed our own software platform, built our own test site with all the required permits and already clocked thousands of mission hours.


About those hours


We’re not accepting crashes or collisions, lost drones or failed landings. We’ve built our own facilities to make sure we own the entire development chain, including quality assurance. We’ve got indoors and outdoors test sites, our framework hooked up directly to the drones and a turnaround time for code deployment as fast as the transfer speed from our consoles to the drones. Anything else would be a compromise, and an airborne compromise doesn’t make the airspace safe.


The site


The development site itself is located next to an airfield, where our test missions play out against the backdrop of helicopters and planes. Our hangar is an old fire station remodelled from the ground up, designed to fit around the clock flight and provide us with all we need from concept to launch. Including coffee. Lots of it.


The team


The Everdrone team resides in our hangar at Säve Airport, outside of Gothenburg where the bus only stops once per hour and cows go mooh as the jets take off. They’re a dedicated bunch (the team, not the cows) where development and concept mix with tireless test and flight, no matter rain or sunshine. And seeing as Everdrone is based in Gothenburg, there’s plenty of showers from the former and only the occasional shine from the latter.