drones must stop act as the mindless hardware they’re still named to be.


The drone industry stands at the threshold of a major transformation. Drones are currently being used in all kinds of applications, from inspecting bridges to acting as first responders in disaster areas. However, all these applications have one thing in common – a dedicated pilot. Drones are not yet able to operate independently. They’re not safe enough, not reliable enough. For the future, it’s not a sustainable solution. It doesn’t scale.

For drones to become autonomous, to be able to independently carry out missions, especially in urban areas, they must become aware. Of their surroundings, of the people around them, of environmental conditions gentle and harsh. In essence, drones must stop act as the mindless hardware they are still named to be.

They must be able to take off, navigate and land safely and without incident in complex environments. They must faultlessly detect and avoid collisions with buildings, people, cats and kids. And they must navigate with great precision, always reach their target and never fail.

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