We are looking for A senior software developer with an eye for the sky.


If you’re a problem solver by heart and fluent in some kind of machine language, like C, Java, Swift or Python and others, you could be our next Everdrone crew member. Our language of choice is Kotlin, but you don’t have to know that to join. As long as you’re up for learning and embracing new technologies, you’ll be fine. Typical areas of focus for you would be computer vision and machine learning, or PID controllers and network coding. Perhaps all of the above, a mix to match and new things beyond.

If this is you, then you’ll be joining the other Everdroners at Säve Airport, 20 minutes from central Gothenburg, positioned right at the heart of our development facility.

The position is full-time, starting as soon as possible. Apply in the form below. Questions are answered by Mats Sällström, firstname@everdrone.com or +46 (0) 702 28 10 95.

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