We are looking for A SKILLED software developer with an eye for the sky.


If you’re a problem solver by heart and up for working as a software developer in a startup environment, then you might be our next Everdrone crew member. We especially encourage applicants with a strong personal interest in technology who also spend time outside of work doing tech-related projects.

You probably have 10 years of professional coding experience and are fluent in a number of languages, like C, Java, Swift and Python. Our language of choice is Kotlin, but you don’t have to know that to join. As long as you’re up for learning and embracing new technologies, you’ll be fine.

The work will cover a variety of focus areas that may include anything from computer vision and PID controllers to cyber security and network coding. Perhaps all of the above, a mix to match and new things beyond.

Also, you'll be working very hands on with our hardware so you are by no means reluctant to flying drones, handling LiPo batteries, and changing some propellers from time to time.

When it comes to personal qualities we value a humble mindset and the ability to give and receive feedback in a positive way.    

If this is you, then you’ll be joining the other Everdroners at our development facility at Säve Airport, 20 minutes from central Gothenburg.

The position is full-time, starting as soon as possible. Apply in the form below. Questions are answered by Mats Sällström, firstname@everdrone.com or +46 (0) 702 28 10 95.

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